Why Waldorf?

“Waldorf education addresses the child as no other education does. Learning, whether in chemistry, mathematics, IMG_0584history or geography, is imbued with life and so with joy, which is the only true basis for later study. The textures and colors of nature, the accomplishments and struggles of humankind fill the Waldorf students’ imaginations and the pages of their beautiful books. Education grows into a union with life that serves them for decades.

By the time they reach us at the college and university level, these students are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of the discoverer, and the compassionate heart of the reformer which, when joined to a task, can change the planet.”

Arthur Zajonc, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, Amherst College

The Benefits of One Teacher for Eight Years: Waldorf Parent Perspectives – Wonderful video explaining the benefits for children of having one classroom teacher for several years.

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